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MH Material Handling - impianti di movimentazione interna
something's on the move

BAT modular components system for conveyors with table-top chain with aluminum or stainless steel structure


  • Modular design
  • Aluminum structure with single beam
  • Double side slot to ease the mounting of supports and accessories
  • Patented slot shape to allow the use of standard bolts available in commerce
  • Two sizes of chain width: F5, 83 mm and L5, 114 mm
  • Available with stainless steel structure


  • Bisquits bags and bakery
  • Packs of rice, coffee and other vacuum packed products
  • Glass or PET bottles
  • Cans and jars
  • Boxes
  • Plastic blisters
  • Soft, plastic envelopes
  • Packaged cheese
  • Mechanical and electrical pieces
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Pallets