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MH Material Handling - impianti di movimentazione interna
something's on the move

Heliflex is a LIFO storage system without pressure ideal for large capacity and also suitable for conditioning processes

The Heliflex system benefits of a unique type of chain patented by Rexnord. The chain with an L shape wraps on two rotating drums, climbing one and descending the other.

Rotation can be changed in the case there is the need of fast restitution of the products.

Main features:

  • FIFO working (First in, First out) in case of normal cycle
  • LIFO logic (Last in, first out) in case of inversion of rotation
  • Up to 700 meters of buffering with a single motor
  • Allows both buffering and conditioning cycle with warming or cooling of products
  • Variable speed drive



  • Bisquits and snacks
  • Small envelopes
  • Packs of cigarettes
  • Mechanical and electrical parts
  • Cooling of cheese
  • Cooling of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products