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MH Material Handling - impianti di movimentazione interna
something's on the move

A new modular conveyor system that meets the highest standards of hygienic design

The Sani-Flex system has been engineered for the highest levels of accessibility and ease of cleaning. It has been inspired by the USDA guidelines for dairy processing equipment, thus making these conveyors capable of handling any naked food.

The whole structure is open and accessible, and the slide strips can be removed without the use of any tool. A simple flathead screwdriver allow to remove the modular chain. No flat or concave surfaces can be found on the frame, removing any stagnation point. All components are certified food grade and there are no flat surfaces in contact with each other, all fixings are fitted with gaskets to avoid the presence of areas where bacteria load can grow.

The chain of choice is the latest iteration of the prized Intralox Series 2400. On the Sani-Flex we chose the Heavy Duty version, in blue polypropylene with polyketone pins, the best compromise between mechanical performance and resistance to chemicals. Specially designed to allow operators to work directly on the conveyor, it provides extra safety together with smooth and silent running.

The sum of all these features provides to the end user a conveyor system easy to operate, maintain and clean, using less water, detergents and power. A sustainable solution for the present and future needs of the food industry.